Autumn and the Seasons

I love the fall. Always have. I think it’s because I love being cozy and warm. I love layering and sweaters and mittens and scarves.

I love the contrast of the sharp blue sky against the gorgeous and inspiring colours of the trees.Image


I do not like winter. Toooooo cold. I live in fleeces and knits and snuggies. (Not really.)  (Because the cat took my snuggie.)

I love summer. But when you are a gal who perspires… a lot…. not always a fun time. Bring on the pony tail (in a fabulous way, of course) and the capris. And always have a secretly hidden hankie to help hideaway the excess sweatage. ( Yes, “sweatage’ is a word. Or at least, it is now.)

Spring…well… spring is meh. It’s rainy. And slushy. And grey. And just….meh. One redeeming feature of spring; that’s when my Birthday is. Yay


But nothing beats the happiness and warm coziness of Fall. The first brisk tang in the air, the crunch of the leaves, the overall fuzzy feeling when you come in from the outside and have that warm rush of indoors smelling of beef stew and veggies roasting….. ahhhhh.

Usually though; it’s just me slugging my twenty million pounds of stuff through the backdoor as I juggle my handbag and coffeemug and packages to unlock the door and come into the kitchen that smells slightly of coffee and ….something….

But I love the fall. From all the warm and ready for roasting vegetables at the market, to the soups and stews and crockpot meals that just don’t seem right in the summer… the FASHIONS…..this post I know is more about the season than the clothing but….I promise. A fall accessory post is ON IT’S WAY!

Now, get out there and enjoy the weather!