“Accessorizing …

“Accessorizing is what separates us from the animals” -Steel Magnolias

It’s true. Nothing completes a look like the final touches.


A necklace adds a bit of flair and interest, earrings frame the face.

Rings and bracelets accent, and a scarf adds a chic edge on a jacket or handbag.


So there. Do it.

Often at work when I’m offering accessories to complete an outfit I hear: “I never remember/I never wear” Blah blah blah EXCUSES!!!!hanger2

Get a nice jewelry box!                   Hang up a nice frame for your necklaces!

Match up your outfit the night before AND hang the jewelry over the hangers!! Just do it!


Two Make your own frames, if you’re a DIY kinda gal.

The next time you see someone  and you think “Wow. She looks great. I wish I could…” First off; stop the negative thoughts. YOU CAN. You WILL!!

Secondly; notice what sets her apart. Is it her confidence ? (Yes!)   Is it her outfit, nicely co-ordinated? (Yes!) Are her shoes neat (YES!)  and …does she accessorize her outfit? Again, YES!

So do it.  Just do it. Have I said it enough yet….just do it.



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